Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Meet The Band: Nellsonvillains

Band Name: Nelsonvillains

Location: New Paltz, NY

Formed:  2010

Cody “Bones” Torlincasi, Jake Harms, Scott Nicholas, Alijah Molinari

Releases: Sounds Of Summer Single – May 21st, 2011

History: Cody and Jake met each other drinking whiskey in a parking lot during the past Spring. The whiskey was cheap, but the laughs weren't. Jake was playing in a trio incarnartion of Nelsonvillains with Alijah, whom he’d met through a Craiglist ad. He and Cody decided to begin working in more elaborate instrumentation to the band after discovering they shared many musical influences.

The band’s first single was released in May shortly after its first bass player quit, and new bassist/producer, Scott, joined.

Future: We’ve spent the past summer working on our first full-length, producing feverishly in our basement/practice space, and have recently been signed by our friend’s brand new label, Salvation Recording Company, which hosts meetings for Route 32 Presents… a community collective that puts on DIY basement shows, and works with some venues to kill the local jam band scene. Following the release of this album, which is as of yet unnamed, we’re going to start relentlessly touring everywhere and anywhere possible – so far there are two tours planned with fellow labelmate, Wind-Up Bird (whom our bassist Scott, heads), that span the east coast, midwest and south. Basically, we just want to play as much as possible in the coming months after the release of our first album, and try to release something else by next summer, and just keep doing this as long as no one becomes too homeless or infirm.

Our upcoming shows are a Route 32 Presents… on Sept. 10th, at Bacchus, with PORCHES, Year On A Mountain, Underground River and a warehouse show in Brooklyn hosted by a city-blog called Dingus On Music, sponsored by the MEME Collective.

We like to make asses move and throats hoarse, and maybe brains work a little bit in retrospect…… it’s thinker music for people who like to yell a lot.

Don't miss Nellsonvillian's Ithaca debut this Friday, September 9th with Night Owls - their last show in Ithaca ever, Rejouissance, Why The Wires, and Mike (A)! and The Exploders at The Space, 700 W Buffalo St, Ithaca, NY 14850 - 8PM | $5 | ALL AGES