Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Meet The Band: Cheerleader Death Squad

Band Name:
(Leo): I came up with the name Cheerleader Death Squad the day after I watched Kill Bill Vol.2 for the first time.  Every other person in that movie is a female assassin with like a gun or samurai sword, so that just evolved into cheerleader assassins, and thus, Cheerleader Death Squad.

(Tyler) "the Fox Hole", Ithaca, New York

(Leo/Aidan) Earlier this year, around March/April

Leo a.k.a. Antisocial bathroom stall dweller -Vocals
Aidan a.k.a. Jock - guitar
Tyler a.k.a. Anorexic cheerleader - drums
...we're still looking for a bass player

We have a sort of EP type thing here:
We'll probably release a full album or something when our recording setup is a little less..... problematic.

Tell us about yourselves!
At first we were Pandaray where Leo was on drums and Aidan and I would switch off between bass and guitar. At one point Aidan got the idea for a noise rock band, so we sorta switched back and forth between the two. We played a show with DAADs, and KSP on fathers day at Waffle Frolic and afterwords we realized we needed a singer to front the band. Leo was the first one to step up to the plate. Since I knew how to play drums, I just took his place, he became the singer, and that brings us to where we are today.

That project still exists as a math rock/alternative band which we'll probably have off the ground soon and hopefully play some shows as well. Tracks are available here:

Catch Cheerleader Death Squad live in their IU debut with Zorch (Austin, TX), Daffodil (Binghamton), and Laika + Luddite Machine on Monday, August 29th at The Space @ GreenStar, 700 W Buffalo, Ithaca, NY 14850 - 8PM, $5, ALL AGES.