Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The DVD of last December's BIG DAY IN is here! Featuring life footage from Soul Control, Bridge & Tunnel, Beach Parade, Why The Wires, Oak & Bone, Like Wolves, Ghost Robot Ninja Bear, Speak Daggers, Zona Mexicana, Cattle Drums, Ailments, and Bright Shiny Objects.

We're talking multi-track board & room audio and multi-angle video from all the bands involved plus bonus mp3s and photo gallery - for just $10.

The release will be available first this Saturday, May 7th at BIG DAY IN with Tombs, Woe, Ehnahre, Sulaco, Night Owls, Oak & Bone, Lux Carentes, Sepsis, Inerds, Mouth To Mouth To Mouth, Hiroshima Vacation, and Sun Spells - we aim to record this one as well so don't miss out!

The disc will be available at all Ithaca Underground shows after BIG DAY IN, at Angry Mom Records in Ithaca, and via Hex Records. Keep in touch as we add additional ways of obtaining this momentous disc.