Tuesday, May 3, 2011

BIG DAY IN Interview: INERDS (Moezes)

After their first appearance back in early April, the Buffalo powerviolence/grind quartet INERDS are back in Ithaca. Armed with dual female vocals, crushing bass, and utter destruction behind the kit, the band is becoming a serious force to be reckoned with, even garnering the attention of J. Randall for his Grindcore Karaoke release. Vii Caso gets the lowdown on where they started and what's next.

IU: Can you give us a brief (of not so brief) history of how Inerds came to be?

Moezes: I was in a pop punk band when I first met Matt, and at one point we were both homeless, so we became friends pretty quickly. We were at a party and Matt isn't much a drinker, but I got him fucking whiskey drunk that night. At some point, I dragged him to the practice space, and we (drunkenly) wrote "She Beast". Later that week I knew we need female vocals for the shit we were writing. I'm a huge fan of lady vocals, so bands like Robot has Werewolf Hand, Despise you, Hatred Surge, Salome, Punch, etc...were a huge influence on what we were going for. Corey came first on vocals and then we later asked Jessika if she would join the force up front.

IU: Bass and drum grindcore/powerviolence bands don't come around that often, where did the idea to have no guitar come from?

Moezes: When we first started, we had talked about just keeping it a duo. Just to keep things easier, But i really thought the girls would bring some serious energy live that a 2 piece just couldn't. But in regards to not having any guitar, Matt and I just both thought it sounded plenty thick with just bass. It kind of just gives us this down tune effect, but every INERDS song is written in E standard. Also add to the fact Matt and I are both bassists (him much more than I), with a fierce love for bass and drum PV. Bands like Lana Dagales, Vennt, MITB, and the Agoraphobic Nosebleed "Domestic Power Violence" split with Apartment 213 were HUGE influences on the musical portion.

IU: How did you guys get connected with Grindcore Karaoke?

Moezes: J. Randall sent INERDS a message through myspace saying he was doing GK and wanted the demo on it. I informed him about Mutant League, which is a label I had started doing with John from Bestower, and he wanted everything Matt and I have done.  To those who don't know, Mutant League is: Inerds, Hoglust, Bestower, Human Touch, Canadian Tuxedo and Water Torture with demos coming soon for two last two.

IU: You guys played Ithaca a few weeks ago along Coworkers, Womyn Boyz and Pharaohs. Was that your first time playing Ithaca?

Moezes: Yeah, first time for me in Ithaca in a long time and it was radical. The space we played was righteous, the locals were great, and Bubba is a solid homie. It seems like he's doing a lot of work for that area, which is fucking awesome.

IU: Are there any future Inerds releases planned?

Moezes: Yeah, actually were doing a split 7" with this band from over seas called Terror of the Dynamite Attack. That will be out on Mutant League by the fall. We're really excited to get that piece out.

IU: Any final words?

Moezes: Go download everything from www.grindcorekaraoke.com, J Randall is making shit happen for a lot of bands who never would get any notice. And smoke weed till you die from it. Word me dude.