Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Interview with Pat from Bridge & Tunnel

Big Day In is fast approaching which brings NYC's Bridge & Tunnel back to Ithaca! Pat (drums) takes part in some rapid fire Q&A with IU's Bubba Crumrine about their latest No Idea release, Tia & Al, new material, Ron Artest's house and more.
IU: How did your fall tour and Fest 9 go this year?

Pat: Well we actually flew down this year. Honestly i feel like it took a little bit of the fest experience away for me. I think because it was such a quick trip, we were just there and back so soon.

IU:  Cool. Any good stories from this latest batch of road dates?

Pat: On our last tour we actually stayed at Ron Artest's house. He had an NBA compound in Indiana where his family lived. He was in California i think, but we hung out with his mother-in-law and shot hoops at 2am.

IU:  Whoa! That's pretty great. I heard Rachel broke her hand recently... is all that on the mend and OK?

Pat: Umm yeah, hopefully it should be good to go pretty soon. I know she is super stoked to play guitar again!

IU:  Good to hear! This is your first time back in Ithaca since playing No Radio Records back in Summer '08 with Attica! Attica!, correct?

Pat: Yup, that was a fun time. Me and Jeff played a couple songs with Aaron on that tour. Jeff wore a bandana. It ruled.

IU:  Looking in the rear-view for a bit, what year did you guys start playing together and what brought you together?

Pat: We started playing in 2006. Me and Jeff had played in a few other bands together since we were about 18 years old and my old band had just broken up so we decided to get a new one going. We knew Rachel from the music scene on Long Island and I have known Tia since 3rd grade so it all kinda fell together.

IU:   Give us the skinny on the new 10" "Indoor Voices"!
Pat: Basically, we had been writing songs for a new full length when Tia decided to leave the band, so we thought it would be good to document those songs with her before she left. We recorded it with her brother Ian and our friend Phil on Long Island.

IU: How do you feel the record differs from your previous efforts?

Pat: Well first, the whole purpose of the record was different than any other record we had done prior. I guess also the song writing was a bit different then some of the other releases we have out. I think every song on that record is pretty diverse in its own way.

IU: What brought you to decide on a vinyl/digital only release (ie: no CD)?

Pat: It just something we weren't into for this release. Not to say one day it may not end up on a collections cd or something but for this single release we figured just a 10" would be cool.

IU: 'Indoor Voices' was the last album to Tia on bass. Did you know at the time that she would be departing?

Pat: Not till after those songs were written.

IU: How does it feel bringing in new blood to the band after years with the same line up?

Pat: Of course it’s different at first but I think it’s been really great so far. Al is a wonderful addition to the band.

IU: Have you started writing new material now that Al has joined the band?

Pat: Yup, we are in the process of finishing writing for a full length.

IU: She's the same Al who was in Nakatomi Plaza correct?

Pat: Thats her!

IU: What are B&T plans for the rest of 2010 and what's coming for 2011?

Pat: Finishing this full length, recording and then hopefully touring a bunch.

IU: Any final thoughts or words for those coming out for Big Day In?

Pat: I got work at 8am the next day in Manhattan, so let’s make this shit rule!

Catch B&T live with Young Widows, Soul Control, Like Wolves, Beach Parade, Why The Wires, Ghost Robot Ninja Bear, Speak Daggers, Zona Mexicana, Cattle Drums, Ailments, and Bright Shiny Objects this Saturday - Dec 4th at The Haunt for BIG DAY IN - noon 'til 10PM. $5 All ages.