Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Q&A with When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth

Ithaca Underground's Pete Ives gets a short abstract from the guys in When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth. Catch their noisy heaviness this Thursday, May 20th at The Shop with Donna (members of Smith Hill), Reformat, and Thoth.

IU: Where are you guys from?

WDRTE: Round Rock, Texas

IU: How long have you been together?

WDRTE: 5 years

IU: How has this tour been treating you?

WDRTE: Good so far. Just had two great shows in Hot Springs, Arkansas and Kansas City respectively.

IU: What kinds of things are you all into?

WDRTE: King Tubby, Scientist, Drug Rap, Neil Young, Gas Station Dogs, Robot Face, Dwerkin's Tribe

IU: What made you want to start composing music?

WDRTE: Weed (jah)

IU: How would you describe your sound?

WDRTE: Well Beavis, it's pretty awesome.

IU: What inspires you musically?

WDRTE: Weed (jah)

IU: What would you say is WDRTE's main objective?

WDRTE: Stack'n

IU: How would you define a 'perfect show'?

WDRTE: Uuuuhhhhhhh, someone shows us the money.

IU: Will this be your first time in Ithaca?


IU: Anything you'd like to add for those who will experience you guys on Thursday?

WDRTE: We have cds for sale.