Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meet The Band: Robot Detective

Band name: Robot Detective

Who's in the band:
- Otis Rachtman - Guitar / Keys
- Chris Knight - Keys / Electronics 
Releases: In 2009 we released our Self-Titled EP, which is available for free download at our myspace (www.myspace.com/robotdetective).
Tell us about yourselves!
Robot Detective is the culmination of 2 years of musical experimentation by Otis Rachtman and Chris Knight. We create emotive flowing soundscapes composed of harmonic noise and dissonant instrumentation, which are slowly destroyed by explosive glitchy and penetrating climaxes. Using toy synthesizers, software synthesizers, samples, and Ableton Live, we've been able to create compositions that are both beautiful and destructive. 
We are currently working on putting together a full-length which is to be released in Summer 2010.