Saturday, July 13, 2013

Giraffes? Giraffes! on tour and in Ithaca for the first time since 2010!

Giraffes? Giraffes! (New England)
Goddard (Worcester, MA)
Mouth To Mouth To Mouth (Ithaca)
Cameron Wisch (NJ)

Monday, July 15th

Ithaca, NY 14850

8pm | $5 | All Ages 

Email Ithaca Underground for details

Underground math-rock guru’s G?G! return to Ithaca for the first time since 2010. At the time, the duo were still riding the waves of their lauded “More Skin With Milk-Mouth” release. 2011 brought their “Pink Magick” LP – a natural progression of dense, effected, looped guitar work and frantic percussion. From careening tracks like “Totally Boneless!!!” and “Curse of the Tooth Nightmare” to the experimental ambience and laid back works of “Wehere wolf Grandman With Knives” and “Transparent Man/Invisible Woman”… plus everything in between. 

Now it’s 2013 and G?G! have one, fresh, 10 minute track for our listening pleasure. A more mid-paced piece compared to some of their material, with ambiance and experimentation surrounding a handful of groove riffs and powerful drumming. Complex and heady with headknodding and chill out spots. 

Note – this band RARELY tours, so if you want to see them in Ithaca this year, now is the time.

F/M fronted quartet from Massachusettes on touring with Giraffes? Giraffes in celebration of aforementioned 10” split! Post-punk, math-rock, indie, and experimental influences recorded by Steve Albini. That should be enough convincing for most of you, the rest – check the links! 

Ithaca math-rock boys are back in town for summer. This will be the return home show from tour!


Cam the man... solo drums/vocals/looped guitar good times.