Thursday, November 15, 2012

BIG DAY IN: December 8th, 2012

BIG DAY IN is back in a big way with 14 bands from across the Northeast U.S. including a special reunion performance of FIRE WHEN READY.  

Full list of bands below with links & more after the jump.

Ithaca Underground presents: BIG DAY IN (#7)

FIRE WHEN READY (Binghamton/Brooklyn/Durham)
*special reunion appearance*

Summer People (Low Light Records : Binghamton, NY)
Shellshag (Don Giovanni Records : Brooklyn, NY)
Porches. (NY)
Cerce (Mayfly / Solidarity : Boston, MA)
Old Wounds (Glory Kid Ltd : NJ)
Girl Souts (Carucage Records : PA)
Vaura (Weird Records : Brooklyn, NY)
Black Throat Wind (Hex Records : Syracuse, NY)
Ohne-ká and the Burning River (Syracuse, NY)
BATISTA (Ithaca/Binghamton/NYC)
GypsyGetsShotgun (Ithaca, NY)
King Sized Pegasus (Angry Mom Records : Ithaca, NY)
Oscar Albis Rodriguez (Brooklyn, NY)

Saturday, December 8th

The Haunt
702 Willow Ave
Ithaca, NY 14850
12:00PM until ~11:00PM

Sponsored by:
McNeil Music of Ithaca
Angry Mom Records
Ithaca Guitar Works
The Enchanted Badger
The Haunt
Model Citizen Tattoo
Durland Alternatives Library
The WordPro
Don Giovanni Records
Finger Lakes ReUse Center
Hex Records

BIG DAY IN is our twice a year all ages, day-long celebration of our underground Ithaca community. Together with the generous support from similarly minded local organizations, Ithaca Underground brings you a dozen local, regional, and national acts representing a cross section of the best in DIY music for just $5.

This December's event will be one of our most diverse pulling from punk, indie, hardcore, and metal, with some very creative bands on the rise plus a reunion of one of the most well-known punk bands to ever come out of CNY.

Get familiar with the bands via the links and info below and as always, please help us spread the word on this one! Word of mouth is our best way to keep events such as these sustained for years to come.

Presale tix are available for those who would feel safer having their name on will-call.

For the first time in several years, central NY underground legends FIRE WHEN READY return to the Ithaca stage. From 2002-2006, the quartet of Travis Martin, Justin Musa, Brandon Musa and Steve Anderson poured their blood and sweat (literally) into taking their progressive blend of punk rock and DIY ethics to indie, punk, and hardcore fans across the US with three releases and several tours.

Over the years, FWR played and toured with the likes of Fear Before The March of Flames, Circle Takes The Square, Polar Bear Club, Bear vs. Shark, Curl Up & Die, Portugal. The Man, Don Caballero, Anterrabae, The Forecast, Nakatomi Plaza, and more plus a 2005 appearance on Hellfest.

We're honored to have FWR headline this year's BIG DAY IN, with members coming in as far as North Carolina for the show, to perform to the latest insurgence of the underground Ithaca music community - especially to those, like myself (Bubba) who missed the boat the first time around. BRING EVERYONE.

Started in 2008. Made "Good Problems" a little later. Evolved. Adapted. Made another album called "Teamwork" in 2011. Started touring. Still touring. Still have a huge crush on each other. Hoping to destroy as many people as possible. Mean that in a good way. Positive energy. New Split EP with HOTCHACHA called "Do It." It's alive.

Also worth noting is that SP are one of the brightest shining bands in the region which we work with regularly and are poised for that next level. SP groove with memorable guitar licks, plenty of percussion and a southern vocal howl spinning tales of legend, pimps, backyard grills and substances. Plenty of old and new influences here. Running from rowdy and rambunctious, to sleek and dark; Summer People are always a treat for the ears and a top energy live show. LP #3 is on its way... come for new tunes and good times.

Visit their BurnTheGerms blog for new demos up now!

Infamous duo Shellshag return to Ithaca for the first time since 2009! Since then they've signed with our good friends at Don Giovanni Records, releasing "Rumor in Disguise" in 2010 and have a new 12" on the way, which they spent this summer recording out in San Francisco. In the meantime, they also released a 7" with We Are Busy Bodies and will be playing CLITFEST, Awesome Fest, and Fest 11 this year. He's the official info:

There's only two people in Shellshag. Shell and Shag. Shell plays guitar and sings while Shag plays drums standing up and also sings. She has bells sewn on her belt and ankles, so there's lots of frantic wiggling to coax the noise out of them. They both sing into a mic stand they built themselves that's shaped like a Y, so they face each other while they play. They're known for putting on shows that bring the house down, sometimes literally. You can always expect some crowd surfing, things being thrown across the room, and the singing along that sometimes threatens to drown them out. The end of their show usually results in the two of them either building a sculpture out of their instruments, amps, and themselves, or completely smashing Shag's drums.

On tour once again with their pals in Summer People and now featuring the one-and-only Cameron Wisch (Zona Mexicana, ex-Ra Ra Riot) behind the kit. A smooth blend of indie and folks with plenty of pop hooks, fronted by songwriter Aaron Maine plus a revolving cast of characters bringing a variety of song interpretations from dense orchestration of guitars, keys, and percussion down to intimate acoustic sparseness. We all need our friends...

We found out about this female-fronted five-piece from Boston/Philly after they reached out to us about a show back in May. At the time, the date didn't pan out, but we absolutely fell in love with their high-energy, screamy/sassy blend of 90s hardcore and punk with a dash of riot grrl and powerviolence and have we've been bugging them about Ithaca ever since. After a slew of releases (7", CD-R, cassette), including a 7" just released on Solidarity, the band signed to Mayfly Records earlier this year and have a new 12" aimed for 2013.

Check out their new Solidarity Records 7" streaming now via bandcamp.

With three solid EPs under their belt in two years and a solid tour last summer, New Jersey's Old Wounds have begun to turn heads in the hardcore underground.

This three-piece seem to play both faces of hardcore at the same time - gloom, morbidity, sinisterness balanced by high-energy, playful song structures that hint to pull at your heartstrings. They strip "heavy music" to its core and reinvent it with elements of punk, psych, ambience, and sludge. In 2012 along, they've performed with the likes of Gaza, Code Orange Kids, Oathbreaker, Xerxes, and Burning Love.

"Imagine if you took Converge's forward thinking brutality, the blackened throb of Cursed and the desperate, acidic bite of Full Of Hell and you're almost there." - Witch Hunter Records

Old Wounds are hitting the road this winter in support of their imminent debut LP "From Where We Came Is Where We Rest".

Stoked to be finally working with this oft-requested PA-based trio. This young band showed tons of promise on their two EP's from last year, and while you can see their Algernon/American Football/Grown-Ups influence peeking out behind their sleeves, there's a bit of magic in their songwriting (see "Free Slurpee Day") that jump out at me and over the rest of the emo/math resurgence.

With members spread out on opposite sides of Pennsylvainia, out of town shows are a rare treat, so don't miss out!

Elegant and intelligent, Vaura completely blur the lines between metal, psych, post-rock, and post-punk. Helmed by vocalist/guitarist and primary songwriter Josh Strawn, plus the venerable Kevin Hufnagel (Dysrhythmia, Gorguts) on guitar and Toby Driver (Kayo Dot, Secret Chiefs 3) on bass and Charlie Schmid behind the kit, Vaura are taking the underground by storm - having already released an LP, with half another written, and touring with Alcest and Deafheaven this summer.

"Based around a core of shimmering, atmospheric metal, Vaura fearlessly incorporates elements of expansive post-rock, forward-thinking black metal, 70s psychedelia, and even post-punk, resulting in a far-reaching, fresh-sounding fusion which could please Mono and Cynic fans alike."

Couldn't have said it better myself. Check out "Obsidian Damascene Sun" off their Selenelion debut LP via the links above.

In early 2009 various Syracuse NY based musicians embarked on a journey we now call Black Throat Wind. The members crammed into a bedroom sized practice space, and quickly formed a sound that was distinct, honest, and original. From fuzz driven leads to cascading walls of sound, this band will keep you guessing. Between the vocalist's going song for song, and the bass and drums holding a heart pumping back beat it will leave you with a sense of variety, but also clarity. The group released their first full-length album "Between White Worlds" on April 20, 2012. It is comprised of a wide range of songs written over the past three years. As the entity that is Black Throat Wind they have no intentions of slowing down. They intend on writing, performing in new places, and staying active in the wide spread contemporary music scene.

Members of Oak & Bone, White Picket Fence, Current, and more. Heavy vibes, stoner rock, psychedelia, and pop melodies backed by lush piano.

Ohne-ká and the Burning River
Ohne-Ká and the Burning River is Steven Glor, Ryan Jones, David Sax and Adam Althoff. A Syracuse-based band with influences ranging from Neil Young to Neurosis. An instrumental band, but that was not a conscious decision. Some one very close to the band described their music as psychedelic post-apocalyptic country rock.... they're pretty in to that.

Phil Price, Derek Monaco, and John Barrington have a new punk band. An awesome punk band at that. Melodic, but not in that cliché' hooky sort of way, but rather big, feedback soaked, creative guitar chord work; driving, memorable basslines; shout/sung vocals, and quick & thunderous kit work. Check out the videos above and get stoked on one of the latest Ithaca-affiliated bands.

This 7-piece ska punk band from Ithaca College packs a wallop of ultra-high energy punk licks and intensity (you'll likely see vocalist Duncan Fuller in with the audience more than on stage) with massive pop hooks and a dominating horn section. Come on down and meet Jeremy, Jeff, Meghan, Jimmy, Jason, Brendan, and Ducan and you'll always been the little spoon.

Ripping, 80s inspired hardcore punk careening 'til the wheels fall off. Performed by three young Ithacas with the occasional flourish of percussive trickery and noise blast, otherwise it's <2 7="7" a="a" angry="angry" bullock="bullock" circle-pit="circle-pit" coming="coming" for="for" fury.="fury." inducing="inducing" minutes="minutes" mom="mom" nbsp="nbsp" nick="nick" of="of" on="on" p="p" recently="recently" recorded="recorded" records.="records." soon="soon" way="way" with="with" worth="worth" your="your">

Ex-Nakatomi Plaza and current Ghost Robot Ninja Bear frontman, Oscar Albis Rodriguez plays solo acoustic!