Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wow! Quite a successful weekend of shows if I do say so myself.  Friday, July 27th with Paper Mice, Our Daily Fix, Grady Stiles, King Sized Pegasus and Mouth To Mouth To Mouth was probably one of the most high-energy shows we've ever hosted at The Space.  Sunday brought us brand new material off of why+the+wires upcoming third LP "All These Dead Astronauts" and absolutely crushing noise-rock jams from The Catalyst, who performed new material by their pending "Voyager" release (hope you were at the show to grab advance copies of the LP).   Dionaea and Temuchin (congrats to Dan and Jackie on their new baby) were missed, but we were stoked on the last minute addition of Plasma 36.

Video from both Ithaca nights are below, plus clips from Living Room and Porches. are up from Mouth To Mouth To Mouth's trip to Suburbia in Brooklyn.  The best time and hospitality were had, so kudos to the whole Suburbia crew. As always, check out the IU YouTube channel for tons more video here.

why+the+wires "Hello Nurse (new song!!)

The Catalyst "Big Bend"

The Catalyst

Paper Mice "Cannon Fodder"

Paper Mice "When Bugs Cry"

Our Daily Fix

Our Daily Fix

Grady Stiles "Stillshot"

Grady Stiles "welcome to tonight freakshow mother fucker 9/11/10/green/7"

King Sized Pegasus "King Sized Pegasus"

King Sized Pegasus

Plasma 36

Porches. "Rib Cage"

Living Room "Falling Asleep Walking"