Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On Saturday, January 19th, McNeil Music of Ithaca and Angry Mom Records present the first Finger Lakes Girl Bands Battle of the Bands.

What's the scoop? They're looking to catalyze a network for female musicians - all ages, styles, and personalities welcomed. Want to learn more? Check out the about page: http://fingerlakesgirlbands.org/about/

Oh, I should probably mention that the grand prize is recording time and a 7" out on Angry Mom Records. Whoa!!

Where does Ithaca Underground come in?  We too wish to foster a diverse music scene and now call on all female musicians of Ithaca to form bands and support this event.

We would love nothing more to see a female majority Ithaca-based noiserock band going ape-shit on the stage at The Haunt, or some riot grrl spit and sneers, or female cult drone duo, or get heavy with black metal, sludge, or grind.  I know you're out there, so pick up the sticks, axes, electronics and mic and let's show Ithaca what the women of our city can really do.

Ithaca Underground has always supported bringing touring female musicians and bands who support empowered women (see Marnie Stern, Kylesa, Fuck The Facts, I Object, Tinsel Teeth, Bridge & Tunnel, Shellshag, and tons of others).  We would love to put some prime Ithaca-based female DIY acts on to support these lovely bands in the future, so get into it!!!