Friday, May 4, 2012

Preview: BIG DAY IN - this Saturday 5/5

That's right! It's time for another day of 12 bands, 10+ hours of  DIY, all ages awesomeness down at The Haunt, 702 Willow Ave.  We've got another killer line-up with some fan favorites and some first time Ithaca appearances.

09:30 Argonauts (NJ/VA)
08:30 Meek is Murder (MetalSucks : Brooklyn, NY)
07:30 Colony (Glory Kid LTD : Hudson Valley, NY)
06:30 Zruda (Atlanta, GA)
05:30 Reckoner (Virginia Beach, VA)
04:40 Ebony Sorrow (Dullest Records : Syracuse, NY)
04:00 Hiroshima Vacation
03:15 Burn Everything (Dullest Records : Rochester, NY)
02:30 Among Dead Men
01:45 Don't Go Into The Woods
01:10 Graupel
12:30 Cheerleader Death Squad

Doors at noon. All ages. $5.

Headlining are the still very new ARGONAUTS, a quartet comprised of season metal and hardcore veterans Chris Alfano (vocals), guitarist John Adubato (Burnt by the Sun), bassist Brett Bamberger (East of the Wall, ex- The Postman Syndrome), and underground drumming ledgend, Dave Witte (Municipal Waste, Discordance Axis, Melt-Banana, etc). If you like seeing world-class musicians aiming to rewrite the lines of heavy music, unconcerned with limitation or agenda.  Demo coming soon. Check out a sneak peak here.

MEEK IS MURDER:  A maelstrom of noise through a brutal and spastic blend of grind, metal, and hardcore. "Algorithms" (recorded by Kurt Ballou of Converge), "88 MPH" concept cassette available on the road. Live footage here.

COLONY: Ultra-heavy blend of hardcore/punk/doom metal/sludge.

ZRUDA: Ex-Gaylord + Lazer/Wulf members crafting mechanical, doom-funk, synth metal shred-wraith.

RECKONER: Refreshingly atypical blend of hardcore and metal. Chaotic, ferocious, and featuring members of Fjord and The End of the Universe.

EBONY SORROW: A hybrid of black metal, gurgle blast, and punk rock poised against racism, homophobia and other forms of hatred.

HIROSHIMA VACATION: Local brothers ripping grind apart with lots of new recordings coming very soon...   Live footage available here.

Chaotic blend of grind, hardcore, mathcore, and metal who have been on everyone's unsigned hotlist for some time. Check out tracks from their 7" Dullest Records debut.

AMONG DEAD MEN: Local dual vocal metalcore/deathcore attack! Info here.

DON'T GO INTO THE WOODS: Local blacked punk metal trio.

GRAUPEL: NEW local jazzy, punky, mathy quartet. Live footage here.

CHEERLEADER DEATH SQUAD: local noise-punk trio. Live footage here.