Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meet The Band: Contradictator

Band Name: Contradictator

Location: Cornell, Ithaca

Formed: March, 2011

Lanny Huang-Lead Vox, guitar
William Blessing-Backing Vox, Bass, Keys
Kyle Walsh - Drums

Releases: Not much to speak of

Tell us about yourselves!
Contradictator formed after Lanny completed the February album writing month challenge in 2011. Inundated with new material, he got together William and Kyle to start playing shows.

Fun fact, none of us like the same music. Kyle's a Phish-head, William has an affinity for some classic rock and Frank Zappa, and Lanny likes all iterations of indie-pop, and Jack White

We do however all like internet sensations Pomplamoose as well as Radiohead.

The band is exactly half asian and half white. Kyle always forgets to bring some piece of his drum set to gigs. Lanny once played a show 2 days after having an appendectomy high on pain killers. William has competed in state-level chorus competitions and sings a wicked falsetto, he cannot, however, do punk rock yelling which Lanny does almost exclusively, hearing them sing together is pretty odd.

We're all incredibly excited to be playing our first IU show with Math the Band! They're really awesome. After that we'll be taking a break for a little while as summer tends to disrupt college bands, and Lanny won't be returning to Cornell next semester. But we do look forward to releasing an EP of sorts for the record.