Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Get read for Jersey jazz-metal quartet MOTHGUTS, this Saturday at The Space. More info on them below but first let's check out some video of this goodness...

Awesome. Want more? Well, it just so happens you can download Mothguts entire discography right here (3/4 down the page).

So far, the quartet have released three proper studio albums, a live album, a Christmas album, and an improv album. All of which are fully fueled with blistering, Satanic-fit-inducing metallic riffage, sax shronk and skree, a la Painkiller/Naked City/Last Exit but very much their own beast.

The Invisible Hand
We've got another damn good reason for you to show up - your first shot at picking up the latest album from Ithaca's own jazz-noise-punks, The Invisible Hand entitled "A Zen Philosophy" plus the release of guitarist/bassist Mark's own solo EP "The Rapture". Two spankin' new releases at one show. Need something to do in the meantime? How about this official music video from the TIH camp for the track "Fukushima". Come down to the space for more of Mark's video animation during their live set.

Don't Go Into The Woods
Closing out this three band evening is Ithaca's own black metal three piece. Don't Go Into The Woods. Check out some footage from their last IU gig at The Haunt. Who knew psych/folk singer/songwriter Mike (A)! had the blackmetal pipes!

Saturday, November 12th
The Space @ GreenStar (aka The Annex)

700 West Buffalo St
Ithaca, NY 14850