Thursday, March 10, 2011

Meet The Band: Makeshift

Band Name: Throughout the years they have experimented with numerous band names, including Stoner Crows, DS-1 Distortion Owners Manual, Zebra Feces, I Can't Believe It's not Jimmy Page, The Meow Meow Express, 1Pac, 3Pac, and Rump Thumpin' Prison Fish, but in end they decided to go with Makeshift.

History: Makeshift started as a guitar duet between Gabe Milman (2005-present) and Corey Mahaney (2005-2008). They then had the idea to start an actual band with Gabe on drums, Corey on guitar, and Ben Roach (2005-2009) on bass. They played their first show in 2006, shortly after asking Peter Pillardy (2006-present) to play guitar for band. In the next few years Makeshift's sound changed drastically from a classic rock to metal sound. Within this time period, James Easglesham (2008-present) joined on bass, while Ben switched to Vocals. In February of 2009, Makeshift played their first Ithaca Underground show at No Radio Records, which is now the Shop. Since then, Ben has left the band and Makeshift has become a three-piece metal trio playing all styles from experimental to progressive metal. Makeshift plays roughly 10 shows per year. Go check 'em out at or

Straight Outta I-Town

James Eaglesham - Bass, Cello, Vocals
Gabe Millman - Drums, Guitar, Bass
Peter Pillardy - Guitar, Drums

Self Titled Debut - June 2007
"Insanity" (EP) - March 2008
"Thwap!...?" - November 2009
"Forget The Obligatory" - November 2010

Our Sound: \m/ We play groove metal. Technical metal you can tap your foot to.

Upcoming Shows:
-March 11th at the CSMA with Fuck the Facts, Dance-a-Tron, and Hiroshima Vacation
-April 14th at the CSMA with Zevious