Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We've got a slathering of trio's making their first appearance in Ithaca this Saturday, including our headliners Algernon Cadwallader - a group of pals creating complex, melodic music. Their full-length Some Kind of Cadwallader stole the hearts of punk, math-rock, and hardcore fans alike. With their latest, Parrot Flies - a more polished effort while still retaining the realness that is Algernon Cadwallader - and subsequent intercontinental tour, these three friends aim to keep turning heads around the globe. Don't worry about pronouncing their name, just make sure you don't miss their headlining set at BIG DAY IN. Ithaca Undergound's Bubba Crumrine gets the skinny from Peter and Joe.

IU: For the uninitiated, how did you three meet and start making music together?

Peter: We met in the suburbs of Philadelphia when we were high school-aged.  Joe and I had a band that would play with Tank's band.  When our original drummer left to go to school, Tank was our first choice and we eventually coaxed him into it.  We lived happily ever after.

IU:What are some moments you most enjoyed creating "Parrot Flies"?

Peter: Recording in an empty church for a week was pretty amazing.  I still can't believe we pulled that one off.  Also, exploring the sounds of different amp and mic combinations - that's fun for us.

IU: The record is quite a bit denser and more layered than its predecessors, was this a concious effort to move in this direction or just a natural progression of having more time and different resources?

Peter: Time and resources certainly had a play in the way the record turned out.  We started with the basics as usual and then just had fun trying this and that.  The hard part was keeping it tasteful and not over doing it.  We wanted it to feel live and natural while having the sound of well crafted studio recording.
IU: You guys barreled through an ambitious 70-show, intercontinental tour over the summer. What are some highs & lows from that venture? How did the Euro shows differ from those state side? Any plans to head back overseas?

Peter: Highs were seeing sights we would never be able to see if not for the band, partying for 3 months straight while people pat us on the back, doing it all with great friends right by our side.  Lows are for lowlifes.  No one died.  We played more clubs overseas.  It was astounding to see how organized the DIY scene is over there.  We'd like to continue exploring further destinations like Japan and Australia next year.
IU: Joe - we're having the guys in Restorations up this way in the spring. From what I understand, you recorded and produced their self-titled effort. What other acts have you been working with of late?  Is that one of your main time-well-spent efforts outside of Algernon?

Joe: I have been friends with the Restorations guys since high school. They are sweat hearts, giant gummy bears, great musicians, and I love working with them. Right now I am currently working on a LP's for Ape Up!, Hop Along, and Conversations With Enemies. Recording music is a hobby that I get paid for. Like Piebald, I got the best job ever. When I'm not doing Algernony stuff, it allows me to still feel creative, wake up at 2:00, and hangout with like-minded individuals. I also enjoy a hearty bowl of gumbo paired with a strong Stout.
IU: Also, tell us more about Hot Green Records!

Peter: Hot Green Records is the label we started with money made from shows and people buying our records so, we could put out more records and play more shows to get more money to put out more records and play more shows.  It's a self sustaining eco-system of good times.
IU: Any bands you're stoked to play with/see perform at Big Day In

Peter: I love The Sidekicks!  Summer People too, of course.  Our buddies Band Name will be in tow - I think they will surprise a lot of people.
IU: We'll keep it brief since it's a holiday weekend here so, any final thoughts for all the Algernon fans coming out on Dec 3? 

Peter: Pre-game.  Bring your dancing shoes.

Don't miss Algernon Cadwallader live at Big Day In on December 3rd at The Haunt (702 Willow Ave, Ithaca, NY 14850) with the likes of Parts & Labor, Summer People, SIRS, HotChaCha, Megachurch, The Sidekicks, and more! 12 band, 10 hours, $5. Doors open at noon and music starts shortly after.  As with all IU shows, this event is ALL AGES!