Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Live clips from the first Ithaca Underground show at Giving Tree Cafe this past Sunday, June 27th! More to come soon...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Meet The Band: Animal Pants

Band Name:
Our band Is called "ANIMAL PANTS". There really isn't a very good reason for this name other than we just really liked it when I thought of it.

The first incarnation of our band was titled "TING TANG TRICKSTERS (FUN TIME FOR RADIO)," properly pronounced in an Asian accent. We only used this name for a one-off basement performance where we played very early versions of current songs.

After recording our first demo we settled on "BORN AGAIN BEEF EATERS," thinking that it was the most cleaver, funny, and subtly rebellious name that we could come up with. We ultimately found out that it was actually one of the worst name we could come up with and decided to change it.

Band name: Elsa and the awesomeAWESOMES

Location: The idea came in Ithaca, NY, but we grew up in Aberdeen, SD. Our current bass drum is from a street corner in Bozeman, MT, which is also where most of the songs were written. And we spent a semester in Cape Town, South Africa.

Formed: Spring/summer of 2008, first show October 4th, 2008. I had been doing a bunch of acoustic guitar stuff, but I got bored with that and came up with EaA as a high-energy solo artistic/musical project. A friend lent me a demo of Ableton Live, and I threw my drumkit skills over the electric sounds I composed to make loud dancy music.


Here are some pictures of recent shows for your viewing pleasure!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Interview with Angleworm

Ithaca Underground's Pete Ives presents our latest interview, this time with Angleworm's Ryan (bass, vocals) and Chris (guitar, vocals):

IU: You guys are from CT, right?

Ryan: Yeah, New Haven, CT

Chris: New Haven, CT.. the city that sleeps

IU: How many are in Angleworm?

Ryan: We are a three piece.

IU: Your latest drop, 'Humdinger', that's quite recent?

Ryan: It came out two weeks ago, actually.

IU: I've been really digging that 'In Motion' track

Ryan: That's actually off of our last album that we dropped in 2008 called 'Post Rock'.

IU: How many other albums have you released?

Ryan: We've done quite a few, but there aren't many that we're super stoked on. (laughs)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Interview with The Emotron

Several weeks into their latest tour, Ithaca Underground's Bubba Crumrine catches up with The Emotron about his new stage show, the new album, his third trip to Ithaca on June 18th at The Shop while getting side tracked talking about flea market finds, road stories, Cryptorchid Chipmunk, Math The Band, candy, and the retirement of dick fires.

IU: Hey Kyle, how are things going on the road?

Emotron: Pretty Good! (To someone else in the distance) Hey, check out these California Rasins!

IU: Huh?

Emotron: I’m talking about my California Raisins! Dude, we’re playing at a flea market tonight and I bought a whole box of California Raisins.  (More chatter about comic books and VHS tapes in the background).  Sorry about that, Bubba.  We have a traveling thrift store now and since we’re playing a flea market tonight, we got into town early to get all the good deals to resell them.  We’re talking about our finds for the first time right now.

As Burning Streets head off on their summer tour and prepare for their first show in Ithaca ever, Ithaca Underground's Bubba Crumrine gets the background on the band, the tour, and their Sailors Grave Records debut "Is It In Black & White".

IU: How have the first few days of the tour gone so far?

Jewlz: The first few days have been good so far. Down in the Carolina's right now, got some beautiful weather going on. Perfect place to start off a summer tour. We had our bass head break on us last night but we got that fixed this morning and hopefully that'll last the whole trip now. We've also been able to hang out with Lenny Lashley from Darkbuster for these first few days as well which has been a hilarious time. He's on the road now doing an acoustic act so it's been awesome to hook up with him for the first three days of the trip.

IU: You're on tour for close to two months solid - is one of the longer tours you've done?

Jewlz: Yeah, this is the longest one we've done so far. We were out for a month last winter and a month and a half last summer so we're getting used to it. We're all definitely looking forward to the whole trip though. Spending close to the whole summer playing shows is basically the best way we can spend our time.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meet The Band: Lux Carentes

Band name: Lux Carentes, latin for Devoid Of Light, also a term used to refer to the dead.
Location: Ithaca, Ny

Formed: Fall 2009

Brandon Kane - Bass
Jason Dengler - Guitar
Adam Morris - Drums
Brian Burke - Guitar
Brian Dayhart - Vocals

Releases: None to date. Currently working on a four track demo.

Sound and Texture:
Sans illumination, barren of the fire within. detached Self drifting into a myriad of half formed possibilities.

The darkened scarlet brings Self back to Self, aware and stained by the flight, unable to retain form.

A waxen glare reflects the pallor of flesh as a sound of despair heralds a release of from this torment.

And in the desperate beauty of this exalted conjunction, darkness fades and the dead begin to march.

So when you think about it, its kinda like a metal soundtrack to Weekend at Bernie's II. Best part is our first album is totally gonna sync up with it to.